History of Candelaria

The town CANDELARIA, Zambales was formerly a barrio of Masinloc called San Vicente. As the town of Masinloc geared towards growth and expansion, San Vicente moved towards full political, social and economic stability ready to become a full pledged municipality.

Because of this development and supported by a strong public clamor to become independent from its mother town, the Spanish Governor General who was then the chief Executive of the Province issued a decree on December 2, 1872 formally separating San Vicente from the town of Masinloc and establishing it as a separate town. The Governor General himself named the newly established town after his beautiful Spanish wife, Candelaria.

A civil government was officially organized and its local officials were appointed to run the affairs of Candelaria. From 1872, Candelaria was governed by a number of chief executives with titles such as Gobernadorcillo, Presidente Local, Presidente Municipal and the present Municipal Mayor. All bonded with one mission – the upliftment of the socio, political and economic life of its inhabitants. But growth was not that easy to achieve. As the saying goes, “Prosperity is not served in a silver platter”.

Like in an obstacle run, the path to progress and development is hampered by a lot of hurdles, whether its man-made or of force majeure – floods, disasters, wars, economic and political crisis. But this did not dampen the spirit of Candelarians, but fueled them instead to move forward just to make the dream of seeing a better Candelaria in the future, a reality.

Inspired by the courage and bravery of our forefathers, Candelarians continue to aspire seemingly impossible dreams.